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What type of pain medication can I order?
You can only order pain medication up to the level of Hydrocodone.  Hydrocodone is commonly known as Vicodin, Lortab, Norco, etc.

Is this all legal?
If you are a legitimate pain sufferer and have the documentation to substantiate that fact, then yes, the doctors associated with our list of providers are extremely sympathetic to patients suffering with pain.  More importantly, all of the doctors associated with any of our listed providers are licensed in the U.S. and follow the existing legal procedures to prescribe pain medication.

I am not sure how this all works. Can you explain it please?
Sure. First you would become a member.  The cost of membership is $29.95
a month. What we offer you is a legitimate, well qualified list of legal U.S. provider websites that work with sympathetic doctors who will write prescriptions for pain medication.

In order to get pain medication (up to the level of Hydrocodone. i.e. Vicodin, Lortab, Norco) you need documentation showing a reason for your chronic pain condition.  This documentation shouldn't be any older than 2 years*.

Relevant information including a combination of: doctor's progress notes, office notes, consult and treatment reports, statement of treatment, radiology reports (i.e., CAT, PET, X-RAY, MRI scan etc.)  Remember the documentation needs to justify the need for the doctor to prescribe pain medication. Any and all medical
documentation needs to contain a diagnosis.

You will need physician's progress notes that give a diagnosis and history of treatment including a record of medications prescribed.  Records must be on your doctor's letterhead with a verifiable address and telephone number and must be signed by the physician. You will also need a copy of a photo I.D. such as your driver's license.

Once all of this documentation has been gathered and you have become a member, you would choose one of our listed providers to deal with. Each one has a slightly different procedure. After answering some questions regarding your pain condition you will be given a fax number to fax your documentation to. Upon review, an initial consultation will be scheduled with a doctor in a city near you.

All of our providers are in compliance with the Schedule Classification change to a Schedule II as of Oct 6, 2014. 
However, most doctors will require face to face consultations only 4x a year (every 3 months).

What this means to you is that you can have telephone consults in between those face to face consultations and have the prescription mailed to you.

The average cost of the in person consultation is  $300.00. This will give you a prescription for a month's supply of medication.  Subsequent Face to Face consults will be approximately $250. If a telephone consultation can be had, consultations will average $150.00.  In the case of the Face to Face, the actual prescription will be given to you.  In the case of a telephone consultation, the prescription will be mailed to you.
You will be able to fill this prescription at your local pharmacy using your insurance. If you do not have insurance, you will be able to fill the prescription by paying for it.

Our membership is monthly. Membership with us can be cancelled at any time. Some people will stay a member for the length of time they need medication, others will choose a provider and cancel. Others will retain their membership for at least four months or until they are satisfied with the site they choose.

For those who know how difficult it is getting pain medication, you will find that this will not only enable you to obtain medication, but do it in a non stressful way.

sometimes depending on the condition, an exception can be made for the age of the    diagnostic

Why do I need your company's services?
It can be confusing to downright scary purchasing medication on the internet.  Doing it yourself means spending time researching who sells the medication you need and then hoping that they are legitimate.  Of course when purchasing pain medication over the internet, you definitely want to make sure that is completely legal and not a place where you will be ripped off.  We have done your homework for you.  We have compiled a list of legitimate, reliable and dependable U.S. website providers that specialize in chronic pain patients and pain medication.  We have dealt with these providers for many years, and know that their procedures are proper and legal.  The only legal way to purchase pain medications over the internet.  We will never list any site that does not consult and dispense in a legal fashion.
You can say we act as a screening process.

Can I speak with a customer service representative over the phone?
You can call us @ 828-329-9752 during our normal business hours.  Monday through Friday 10 AM to 7 PM EST

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